Sample, Henna pack, Henna art, DIY Gift, Boho art, Natural Henna, Henna paste, DIY Kit, Henna tattoo, Temporary body art, Ready to use

Sample, Henna pack, Henna art, DIY Gift, Boho art, Natural Henna, Henna paste, DIY Kit, Henna tattoo, Temporary body art, Ready to use

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Sample, Henna pack, Henna art, DIY Gift, Boho art, Natural Henna, Henna paste, DIY Kit, Henna tattoo, Temporary body art, Ready to use

This is a handmade product I made specially for you! ;)

Henna has been a part of my life since my childhood. I use the best ingredients to make a high quality henna paste. The recipe was passed by my ancestors. This way I can provide you the best experience with henna.

Are you a Henna Artist and you want to start using 100% Natural Henna? Or you are just a henna lover and you need a little cone to your project? Filomena's Mehendi has the solution for that! We sell henna cones mixed in the traditional way. All natural, because safety is first!

Do you want to buy 100% natural henna cones from a trusted supplier but you don't know what to expect? That happened to me too!

Still have doubts about our henna cones? Now you can order a Sample Cone to try our paste before buying several cones.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Henna Powder, black tea, lemon juice, sugar and essential oils.

Price includes 1 Sample Cone 100% Natural Henna Paste (+/- 7 grams). Coin not included. :P

---- Plus, if you like our henna (I'm sure you will) I will offer you one henna cone entirely free on your next purchase. Only valid for one order of 5 or 10 henna cones. ----

See! You have nothing to loose.

How to use the cones?

Our cones are ready to use. You just need to make a design on your skin and wait 2-4 hours. After that you need to scratch the paste off and avoid water contact for 12-24 hours for best results. The longer the henna stay on skin, the best stain is obtained.

Have a look at my Instagram gallery: You have lots of examples of designs you can make. Sky is the limit!

How to store the henna cones?

Keep the unused henna in the fridge (valid for 1 week) or place it in the freezer (valid for 3 months).

Do I really have to wait so long to have my Henna Tattoo?

Yes, you have. If you are looking for a product that give you an instant and dark color in 5 minutes, please, don't make me loose my time and DON'T BUY my 100% Natural Henna Cones. Henna that promisses that is not actually Henna. It's a paste with a lot of chemicals including PPD (para-phenylenediamine), that can arm your health.

PPD (para-phenylenediamine) it's a dangerous ingredient that can cause severe skin blistering, itching, swelling and scarring, but can also lead to liver and kidney damage/failure, asthma, cancer and even death. PPD is a carcinogen and a transdermal toxin which means that it gets into your blood stream and can cause damage to your internal organs. It is also a strong sensitizer. Every time you are exposed to it you are increasing your chances of developing an allergy to it as well as to products that are related to PPD.

We only use 100% Natural Henna. Safety first!

Important: We guarantee the quality and freshness of our Henna Powder and our Henna 100% Natural Cones, but we cannot guarantee the ease in handling the product or your stain color due your own errors when making the recipe, recipe changes or if you don't follow our aftercare instructions or other variables that could possibly make your experience less than your expectation.

Note: The color or pattern of the cellophane can be different depending on the availability. Because this product and his package are both handmade, sometimes a little bit of essential oil can exit out of the package. That doesn't mean that the product is damaged. That means that the product is 100% natural. If you notice that, you just need to pass a tissue paper on the package and it's ready to use.

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Because this is a handmade piece, some imperfections can be visible. I hope you can appreciate each part of my job, even the imperfections, as a piece of art.

If you have additional questions feel free to send me a message any time.

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